About Us

Grade A Productions is the home of music’s most transcendent acts. From Juice WRLD to The Kid Laroi, Grade A continues to set the tone for the next generation of creators. With a presence in the music, film and art worlds, Grade A strives to be a leader in every industry.

Our Team

Brandon "Lil Bibby" Dickinson


Lil Bibby began his career as a musician in 2011. After releasing multiple mixtapes, he was able to accumulate a strong fanbase and following. After years of releasing music, Bibby wanted to transition into a role as a music executive. Bibby knew that he had the knowledge, experience and resources to support an up-and- coming artist. In 2017, he created the label Grade A Productions, along with my brother George Dickinson. They partnered with Peter Jideonwo and signed their first artist, the late Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD found success very quickly and Bibby was able to all grow as music professional. He then signed the artist The Kid Laroi. Laroi was a 15 year old rapper from Australia who Bibby immediately took a liking to. Laroi has had a great start to his career, becoming one of the most sought after new artists within the industry. As the head of Grade A, Bibby is constantly looking for new talent as well as lending himself as a resource to his peers throughout the music community. Bibby looks forward to developing more acts, as well as helping the artists on the roster reach new heights.

George "G-Money" Dickinson


Since 2011, George has found himself working within the Music community and supporting artists. By developing and helping manage his brother Lil Bibby at the start of his career, George was able to begin learning what it takes to navigate throughout the music industry. Given a lot of responsibilities, George was able to help with all business related decisions, in regards to Bibby’s career. George found great success, while learning the importance of keeping strong relationships throughout the industry. In 2017, George decided to start a label in order to help other artists develop and improve their crafts. Along with his partners, George created Grade A Productions and signed both Juice WRLD and The Kid Laroi. George was able to help both artists develop into phenomenal men and musicians. George is dedicated to helping artists achieve their goals and believes that his career as a music executive will have a positive impact on many.

Peter Jideonwo


Peter’s career in the music industry began producing concerts within the city of Chicago.These early shows provided a platform for artists, while also allowing Peter to develop relationships with management teams, artists and those who made decisions for performing acts. Peter developed a great relationship with Lil Bibby, after producing a number of his concerts. Bibby and George Dickinson soon after partnered with Peter, to create a label that could be the home for emerging acts. Peter has now proven himself to be one of the more adept artist managers, successfully managing some of music’s brightest names over the past years. These names include The Kid Laroi, Trippie Redd and the late, highly revered Juice WRLD. With partners Lil Bibby and George, Peter is helping control a corner of Hip-Hop’s bustling scene. From artist development to licensing and merchandise, Peter has found success in a number of areas within the industry. Always striving for more, the sky is the limit for Peter’s future endeavors.